Stewardship Intern Program for Klamath River Youth

During the summer months, MKWC offers paid internship positions to local teenagers to participate in watershed restoration and community service activities. MKWC’s stewardship interns work for a seven week period, four days per week, and eight hours per day. Stewardship Interns work on a broad range of fisheries and upslope habitat restoration projects being implemented by MKWC and their partners.  Projects include manual fish passage improvement, coho habitat enhancement, invasive species removal, native plant revegetation, and invasive weed monitoring in wilderness areas. Interns learn valuable natural resource career skills including:

  • Juvenile and adult fish identification, fish life history and ecology, and fish sampling techniques.
  • Techniques for creating and maintaining manual fish passage at tributary mouths.
  • Coho salmon habitat requirements and methods for coho habitat enhancement.
  • Noxious weed identification and methods for removal.
  • Native plant identification, propagation, and re-vegetation techniques.
  • Riparian habitat restoration and management.
  • Backpacking and hiking skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Introduction to whitewater safety, tool safety, and job hazard analysis.

Interns also have the opportunity to participate in community service projects by assisting at local community gardens and organizing a community volunteer workday to outreach, train, and involve the public in a workday of their choosing.

Stewardship Intern testimonials:

“Stewardship is the act of taking a role in helping support the natural environment we live in. Stewardship is an important concept to me, and my internship with MKWC has definitely inspired me to be a more active steward of my community.” Testimonial from a 2012 Youth Stewardship Intern
“My favorite part of the stewardship intern job this year, was my great co-workers, and the amazing places we got to work!” Testimonial from a 2013 Youth Stewardship Intern

Applications are available each spring for the Stewardship Intern Crew. Please contact or or call (530) 627-3202 for more information.

Please check back in April for the youth intern job announcement for summer 2020.

What would a movie about the stewardship internship look like? Zaine Huhtala and Emmanuel Cyr give us an idea with their MKWC Summer 2016 movie trailer.