Announcing the Mid Klamath 2020 Youth ART Contest Winners!

We called upon the youth of the mid Klamath to tap into their artistic talents, asking them to use the theme of "natural resilience" to inspire their works of art.

Resilience: The ability to adapt, recover and heal from adverse circumstances, to survive and thrive despite difficult or stressful conditions.

From a dandelion sprouting up through the cement to our ancestors enduring years of hardship, our world is a product of resilient lives... Where in our natural surroundings do you see examples of resilience? What does the Earth have to teach us about survival? How can we help the environment or individual species be more resilient? Where in your life have you or your community embodied resilience to get through challenging times? 

We are now thrilled to announce the art contest winners! We hope you enjoy these works of art and feel uplifted by their resilient spirit.

Thank you to every participant!

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2020 Youth Art Contest Winners

Vuunsip.jpgVuunsip Imkukirii by Vuunsip, age 9.

Ray.jpg Resilience by Roy, age 9.

Xurish.jpg Untitled by Xúrish, age 7.

Jacob.jpg Untitled by Jacob, age 10.

 Ali Donohue.jpg House on Fire by Ali, age 11.

Audrina.jpg Natural Resilience by Audrina, age 13.

Allison.jpg My Family or The Mountains Are Burnt by Allison, age 9.

Lauren.jpg Untitled by Lauren, age 10.

Stand Up by Aurelia, age 9 (video entry)