Announcing the Mid Klamath 2020 Youth ART Contest: 

“Natural Resilience” 

To be portrayed in either a Visual Art piece or a Music Video.


Resilience: The ability to adapt, recover and heal from adverse circumstances, to survive and thrive despite difficult or stressful conditions.

From a dandelion sprouting up through the cement to our ancestors enduring years of hardship, our world is a product of resilient lives... Where in our natural surroundings do you see examples of resilience? What does the Earth have to teach us about survival? How can we help the environment or individual species be more resilient? Where in your life have you or your community embodied resilience to get through challenging times? 

This contest calls you to consider the beauty and role of resilience in both the natural world and the human spirit, and use either visual or videographic arts to depict that strength and inspire our community in this time of transformation.   

This opportunity is available to youth ages 6-17 residing within the Mid Klamath River basin (Horse Creek ~ Weitchpec). Artists may submit a total of two pieces in either or both mediums (visual art and/or music video) There will be one grand prize winner, as well as honorable mention winners selected for each age group (6-8, 9-11,12-14, 15-17) in both categories. With artist and parent/guardian permission, some visual art entries may be displayed on the MKWC website, or in local venues for public recognition. Video finalists can grant permission for their work to be posted on the MKWC YouTube channel.

Grand Prizes will be a T-shirt printed with your visual art design, or a set of wireless headphones to further your creative endeavors. All artists will receive a certificate of recognition for their participation. A complete list of the winners (both grand prize and honorable mentions) will be posted on by November 30th, 2020.

***Final DUE DATE for all Submissions: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6TH***

Download a complete overview of this Art Contest, including a detailed description, art contest rules and instructions, and art contest entry forms. Download here.

2020 “Natural Resilience” Youth Art Contest Entry Rules:

*** All submissions MUST be accompanied by an entry form ***

Entry forms for video submissions will be submitted online, and entry forms for drawings/paintings must be printed and paperclipped to the art piece.

Competition is open to all students ages 6-17 living in the Mid Klamath River basin.

Entries must be postmarked or received on or before Friday, November 6th. Artwork must be flat. Please do not roll or fold your art.

Artwork must represent the concept of Natural Resilience. Artwork will be judged on creativity, relevance, legibility, and adherence to guidelines.

  • Creativity: Work should convey the artist’s unique perspectives and sentiments about Natural Resilience and what it means to their personal life and/or the world around us. Visual and/or auditory appeal will be considered as well.      
  • Relevance: The idea for the artwork relates to the theme of Natural Resilience and illustrates its presence in the environment and/or humanity.
  • Legibility: The artwork is readable and easily understood.
  • Adherence to guidelines:

The Visual Arts entries must be submitted on paper that is at least 8.5 inches by 11 inches but not larger than 18 inches by 24 inches. (Notebook paper or graph paper may not be used) The student may use any combination of watercolor or tempera paint, crayon, ink, charcoal, pastel, etc. to create the artwork.

Videos may not exceed 3 minutes in length. Video mediums can include a song, poem or spoken-word piece written and performed by the student. Work must be appropriate for viewers of all ages (no profanity or offensive language, please).

Each entry must be the work of one student. The concept, design and artwork must be the original work of the student entering. If the judges determine that someone other than the student has assisted in the creation of the art or composition of the video, the entry will be disqualified. Some entries may be reproduced in future MKWC literature.

A completed entry form must be included with each submission or it will be disqualified. Form should be securely paper clipped to the two-dimensional artwork. For video submissions, enter and upload your video with this online entry form.

Please contact us with any questions:  (530) 627-3202 (x1001)

Art Contest Entry Forms

Visual Art Entries:

Click here to download entry form for visual art entries (paintings, drawings). All visual art is to be submitted either by hand (turned into your local school) or mailed to:

Mid Klamath Watershed Council
Attention: Community & Stewardship Program
PO Box 409
Orleans, CA 95556

Video Entries:

Please submit videos using this online entry form - click here. All Videos are to be submitted by 11/06/2020.