Youth Programs

Youth involvement in local watershed management is essential to restoring the Klamath River and its surrounding communities. MKWC's Youth Programs inspire the next generation of local resource professionals by involving students in hands-on projects affiliated with habitat restoration, species monitoring, community development, and internship projects. Engagement in stewardship roles encourage youth to make positive contributions towards the revitalization of their rural communities.

MKWC’s Youth Programs put the responsibility of taking care of the Mid Klamath directly in the hands of the participant. Throughout the year, a student will have the opportunity to survey for salmon, remove invasive weeds, make a creek navigable for fish passage, plant a community garden, remove trash from the river corridor, and challenge themselves by learning kayaking, backpacking, and camping skills. Activities occur during the school year and in the summer months. The program builds on leadership by offering former participants’ positions as junior counselors and stewardship interns. Junior counselors lead youth groups during project camps, while stewardship interns organize community volunteer workdays and assist  MKWC with restoration projects. Mentorship is provided by scientific experts from MKWC’s staff and our partnering organizations, to help students understand the scientific principles behind restoration and monitoring projects, teach them field techniques, and collect high quality data.

Please browse through our specific projects to learn more information or contact Carol Earnest at (530) 627-3202


MKWC's Youth Programs are partially funded by the Karuk Tribe’s Píkyav Field Institute

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