Invasive Plant Guide: Meadow Knapweed


Centaurea jacea nothosubsp. pratensis

Both Meadow knapweed & Spotted knapweed infestations occur in the Mid Klamath area.

Identifying characteristics

  • Flower color: white to purple
  • Plant spreads via rhizomes (underground roots), that run 2-6" below soil level, and seed.
  • Similar to Spotted knapweed


From 400-4000' elevation, adaptable to a variety of habitats. Moist areas, dry roadsides, in the shade or sun.

Indian Creek Road, north of Happy Camp, CA has patches of infestation along the road from mile markers 3 to 10. Fortunately there is only one place where a large infestation is growing near the Indian Creek (at the 10 mile mark).

There is also a large population in and around Weitchpec.  This population is along the Highway 96 and 169, and on adjacent private properties.  MKWC is currently working with the Yurok Tribe, CalTrans and private landowners to control the southernmost, known, population of meadow knapweed. 


If meadow knapweed seeds make it to the water they can be transported throughout the watershed in one high water event. Automobiles passing along this road after seed heads form are also likely to transport this weed throughout the watershed. This infestation threatens to spread downriver.

More Info

California Department of Food & Agriculture