Equipment Rental Policies

MKWC has a small amount of tools available for rent by the community for the purpose of fuels control and noxious weed removal.  Please stop by the office for a rental agreement and equipment checkout form to rent tools. 

For Rent only if not being used by MKWC program projects: 

Weed Whackers: Stihl and Echo

DR Mower (only if renter has experience with the machine)

Pole saw (only if renter has experience with the machine)

Chipper (only if renter has experience with the machine)

Tractor alone, or with mower or chipper: Case by case.  Must be approved by Fire and Fuels program.


Free for community use (donations accepted).

Weed Wrenches: maximum 1 week

Air purifiers: If there is a long term smoky environment, these should be borrowed on a temporary basis so they can be rotated among more people.

Drip torches

Propane torch

Service/For Hire: 

Chipping with Operator

Tractor Mowing

DR Mower (17hp) with operator

Weed Whacking

Weed Wrenching

Call MKWC at 530-627-3202 for prices and availability.