The Panamnik Building

Panamnik Building
Panamnik Building in Orleans, CA

Since 2005, the Mid Klamath Watershed Council (MKWC) has occupied the Panamnik Building, located in the heart of Orleans. With dedicated help from many volunteers, the building has been developed into a community center, home to nonprofit organizations, our local post office, and made available to the community for a wide variety of activities and events.

We are excited to announce that the Mid Klamath Watershed Council now owns the Panamnik Building outright. We recently completed paying off our mortgage and we are pleased to be able to move on with much needed improvements to the Panamnik Building. We hope there will be continued community involvement and support of the upcoming remodeling efforts and the development of the beautiful riverfront property it sits on.  MKWC is committed to developing the community space and program so that it meets the needs of the Orleans and Somes Bar communities. We are looking toward remodeling the building; we are optimistic about finding grants that will allow us to continue with our vision. Based on the results of our community survey, the vision for the property includes:

  • Tourist Information and Interpretive Center
  • Gallery and Retail Space for Local Arts and Crafts
  • Amphitheater and Riverside Park
  • Youth Program
  • Small Business Development including a Coffee House and Eatery serving locally produced food
  • Continuation of current programs, services,  and community access for meetings and public events

Your continued help is needed to make this project a reality!  Your donation shows that you sLocal chefs prepare dinner for the Third Thursday Cafe fundraiserupport this important project and that the Panamnik Building is a place for you and your community. Be a part of the group of community people dedicated to purchasing, repairing and remodeling the Panamnik Building for the benefit of the Mid Klamath community by donating today. Every little bit helps.

To this end, MKWC has created this web page to collect donations for this campaign over the internet. For more information, see the donate page or please contact MKWC directly at (530) 627-3202.

The people of Orleans, Somes Bar, and surrounding towns have come together to raise money for this project through a variety of events such as concerts, dinners, auctions, benefit drawings, and good old fashioned philanthropic personal donations. So far we have raised over $120,000, exceeding our community fundraising goal!  Check the community calendar to see which upcoming fundraising events you would like to attend.

Note: Online donations are processed using PayPal.  PayPal takes a small percentage of online donations for their services. If you would like to avoid this deduction from your donation, please Panamnik Building Interiordonate with a check payable to the Mid Klamath Watershed Council, with a note that it is specifically for the Panamnik Building Capital Campaign, to MKWC at PO Box 409, Orleans, CA 95556.

Current Programs and Services offered at the Panamnik Building

  • Public phone
  • Meeting space
  • Kids corner
  • Educational workshops
  • Public restrooms
  • Tourist information
  • Art, music & exercise classes
  • Catered dinners
  • Art gallery
  • Fundraising events
  • Holiday Bazaar
  • First Aid and CPR classes
  • Concerts and dance parties
  • Summer youth activities and classes
  • Community information headquarters during wildfires

Partial List of Project Supporters

  • Orleans Community Services District
  • Karuk Tribe of California
  • Salmon River Restoration Council
  • Klamath Salmon Media Collaborative
  • Bob and Judy’s Therapeutic Massage
  • Klamath Riverkeeper
  • Somes Bar Arts Council
  • River Artisans
  • Wild by Nature
  • Salmon River Outpost
  • Orleans Market
  • Orleans Mining Company
  • McLaughlin and Sons
  • Sandy Bar Ranch and Nursery
  • Otter Bar Lodge