Sunset ZONE 7: North of Somes Bar, Salmon River Lower Elevations, Happy Camp, Seiad Valley,  inland areas with diminishing coastal influence; California’s Gray Pine Belt.  


The "river fog" that creeps up the Klamath from the coast typically makes it no farther than Somes Bar, marking the transition between zone 14 and Zone 7. Zone 7 is named for the Gray pines that rim the mid elevation around the Central Valley, in our region mingled with more adaptable incense cedars. Average temperatures are lower than zone 14, the occasional snow that reaches the lower elevations of the Mid Klamath are likely to stick around a bit longer here. Microclimates can make a big difference for gardening - south and west aspects with some elevation are markedly warmer and enjoy more frost free days. This is an ideal climate for plants that require a marked seasonal pattern—flower bulbs, peonies, lilacs, and flowering cherries, for example. Deciduous fruit trees (apples, pears, apples, peaches, and cherries) do well. At weather-recording stations in Zone 7, typical winter lows range from 35 to 26°F (2 to –3°C),with record lows averaging from 18 to -0° F (–8 to –18°C)