Pests & Diseases

  • The Codling Moth is a common apple pest, this Pest Notes bulletin from UC Davis provides a succinct description of the pest life cycles and control.  This UC Pest Management Guide is more detailed and included links to ther website for more information.  
  • The Apple Maggot is a serious apple pest that is present in some sites in the Klamath-Trinity Region.  This UC Pest Management Guide has detailed information.  It is well worth the time to review these publications and learn to distinguish these pests - the Codling Moth is ubiquitous and manageable, but the Apple Maggot is more destructive and community efforts are needed to avoid spreading the pest by moving infested fruit.  
  • Peach Leaf Curl is prevalent in our area.  This Pest Notes bulletin from UC Davis describes life cycle and control.  The best options in our area are planting resistant varieties and/ or applyinga dormant oil/ lime sulfur spray at the correct time.  See our Pests & diseases page for more info.  
  • The Two Spotted Drosophila is a recent arrival to the Klamath Trinity area, attacking cherries and many other soft fruits such as rasberries, mulberries and blueberries.  This bulletin from Oregon State University Extension has a good description of the pest as well as how to make traps for monitoring.  This UC Pest Management Guide has more detailed information and links.