Planning the Garden

Timing is everything when gardening in the Klamath-Trinity – the distinct difference in seasons means that it’s essential to sow Spring, Summer and Fall plantings on time to make full use of the growing season.  If lettuce and greens are planted too late in the Spring then they will bolt in the heat before they mature; if tomatoes are planted too early they may be killed by Spring frosts, too late and you’ll end up with a lot of green, unripe fruit in October; the Fall garden needs to be planted out in late August/ early September to size up before the cold weather sets in.

The charts below are based on the Orleans-Hoopa-Willow Creek area, Sunset climate zone 14, so you'll need to adjust the dates accordingly, sowing later n the Spring and earlier in the Fall.

 Mid Klamath Garden Calendar


Download this calendar as a PDF. 

Planting Calendar for Klamath-Trinity Region


Based on Seven Seeds Farm Planting Guide for the Siskiyou Region

Download this Calendar in PDF format