sweet.jpgPomegranates do well in the hot summers of the lower elevation Klamath-Trinity, cooler zones may lack the heat needed for ripening.  They have attractive bright green to golden foliage which puts on a great show in autumn.  They ripen late in the season and keep well, providing precious winter fruit.  Shrub grows to approximately 10 feet.  They are self-fruitful and bear heavily, even when young.  USDA zones 7-10; Sunset zones 5-24.  Pomegranates are grown on their own roots, not grafted onto rootstock.

Pomegranates at a Glance

Climate Zones:

USDA zones 7-10, Sunset zones 5-24;   1-4, in container

Chilling Requirement:

100-200 hours




6-15 feet


6-15 feet

Years to First Fruit:


Yield When Mature

20 to 50 LB,

Life Expectancy:

50-75 years