fuyu_cut_open.jpgPersimmons ripen late in the season and store for four to six weeks, providing fresh fruit into the winter months.  They are excellent fresh and prized for cooking and baking.  Dried persimmons are the “sugar plums” of traditional Christmas celebrations, a delicious, chewy, date-like treat.   The tree is highly ornamental, with large glossy leaves that turn to flaming reds and orange into the fall and fruits that hang on the tree long after the leaves have dropped.  The tree is trouble free with few pests, has a low chilling requirement, is self-fruitful, tolerates heavy soils, and needs little pruning once the framework is established.

Persimmons at a Glance 

Climate Zones:

USDA zones 7-11, Sunset zones 6-9, 14-16, 18-23, 26, 28-33

Chilling Requirement:

100-400 hours




Can be kept to 15 feet by pruning, up to 30 feet if unpruned


Up to 30 feet, less if pruned

Years to First Fruit:


Life Expectancy:

50-75 years