MIXED_PEARS.jpgEuropean Pears are easy to grow and one of the most reliable and delicious of temperate fruits.  In the Mid Klamath-Trinity, Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Bosc, Warren, and Orcas varieties withstand the heat of lower elevations better than Comice and D'Anjou.  Pears can tolerate heavier, wetter soils than most fruit trees, but avoid planting in waterlogged soils.  European pears must be ripened off the tree to attain the fragrance, melting, buttery texture and intense flavor that make pears so sumptuous. Asian pears can be left to ripen on the tree, which will yield a sweeter fruit than those found in the store.  Three of many pear rootstocks are listed here: Pyrus communis standard is hardy to -35 F. Needs consistent watering and is tolerant of wet soils.  OHxF 333 semi-dwarf will produce a tree 50-70% of standard rootstock. Resistant to fire blight and pear decline. Does not sucker and produces a well-anchored, productive tree. Pyrodwarf is a true dwarfing rootstock for pears which produces a tree 35% smaller than OHxF 333 (about 8-13 ft).    Pyrodwarf bears early, does not sucker, and has good winter cold hardiness.  

yoinashi5.jpgAsian Pears are uniquely delicious, with the shape and crunchiness of an apple, and the flavor of a pear.  The trees have an upright growth habit, attractive foliage that turns beautiful orange in the fall, and tolerate a wide range of soils.  Very disease resistant and fairly trouble free. They have a lower chill requirement and can be grown in areas with warmer winters.   Plant two varieties for pollination, or use any European pear as a pollenizer.  USDA zone 5-10; Sunset zones 3-12, 14-21, 32-41.  Available on OhxF 333 semi-dwarf or P. betulifolia standard rootstock

Pears at a Glance

Climate Zones:

European: USDA zone 4 –9;  Sunset zones 2-9, 14-18, 32-39

Asian - USDA zone 5-10; Sunset zones 3-12, 14-21, 32-41.

Chilling Requirement:

European: 600-1500 hours                

Asian Pear:  400-600


Plant two varieties (European and/or Asian) for pollination



OHxF 333










Years to First Fruit:




Life Expectancy:

20 years +

35 years +

50 years +

Yield when mature

30-40 LB:

50-60+ LB

60-75+ LB

Pears at a Glance