lastchance5.jpgThe Klamath-Trinity Region produces some of the finest peaches, period.    Nothing tastes like a tree-ripened peach, store bought peaches just can’t compete with what you can produce in your own garden.  Peaches need well-drained, fertile soils and plenty of sun.  Peach leaf curl, a fungal disease that attacks the foliage and causes curled, misshaped leaves, is a problem in our area, and the only options are resistant varieties, or spraying lime sulfur two to three times, (first week of December, early to mid January and just before budbreak).  Peaches grafted onto plum rootstock are better adapted to heavy soils.   Nectarines are peaches with no fuzz.  They also do well in our region, but are susceptible to thrips, which feed on the young fruit and cause it to ripen malformed, (the fuzz on peaches protects them from thrips, otherwise they would suffer too.  Other than this, they are managed just like peach trees.     

Peaches at a Glance

Climate Zones:

USDA zones 5-10

Chill Requirement:

200-850 hours


Most Peaches are self-pollinating, with the exceptions of  JH Hale & Indian Blood










Years till Fruit:

2 to 3

2 to 3

Life Expectancy:

10 to 30 years

10 to 3 years

Yield when Mature:

40-60 LB

80-200 LB