walnuts.JPGA handsome, spreading tree, walnuts are great for shade and a single tree will produce 100 LB or more of high-protein nuts.   The nuts are delicious and high in Omega 3 oils.  Walnuts are self-fruitful once they mature, but they will come into bearing earlier and produce more if pollenized with another variety.  Walnuts do very well in the Klamath Trinity, where there are many remnant trees from the days when they were grown as a cash crop.  There are no dwarfing rootstocks availalbe for walnuts, and due to their size thestandard trees are not proactical for smaller plots, but "Pedro" is a genetic dwarf variety that grows 16 - 20 feet tall and produces high quality nuts, so consider this variety for tighter areas.

Walnuts at a Glance

Climate Zones:

Sunset zones  4-9, 14 - 23, 29-33, Hardy to USDA zone 5

Chilling Requirement:

700 hours


Not required, but will bear earlier and more prolifically with a pollenizer


30-40' , (Pedro 16 – 20')


30-40' , (Pedro 12 – 16')

Years to First Fruit:


Yield When Mature

20 LB +

Life Expectancy:

50 -100 years