FillbertsCat.jpgFilberts (also known as hazelnuts) have a deliciously sweet flavor, good for baking and confections, raw or roasted.  The filbert is one of 14 crops selected by the book “One Circle” for providing a balanced diet in a minimum growing area.  The nuts are an excellent source of carbohydrates, protein and balanced amino acids.  Homegrown nuts are extremely flavorful, rich in oils and subtle tastes.   Filkberts prefer even moisture and moderate temperatures, to the key to growing them successfully in the Klamath trinity region is to plant out of the intense late afernoon sun and provide consistent water through natural groundwater or a drip irrigation system.  Plant at least two varieties, within 50 feet of one another, for wind pollination.  

Filberts at a Glance

Climate Zones:

USDA zones 4-9, Sunset zones 2-9, 14-20, 32-41

Chilling Requirement:

800-1,600 hours


Requires a pollenizer


15-20 feet


10-12 feet

Years to First Fruit:


Yield When Mature

20 LB +

Life Expectancy:

50 years