ripening_colony_grapes2.jpgGrapes are one of the oldest of cultivated fruits, and for a good reason.  They are easy to grow, yield abundantly and provide fruit, juice, wine, preserves, shade and beauty.  Plant 6 to 12 feet apart and support the long vines with a trellis or arbor. Our damp Spring weather often results in powdery mildew in grapes, so consider planting disease resistant varieties usch as Interlaken, Himrod, Glenora, Beauty, and Heavenly Blue.  

Grapes at a Glance

Climate Zones:

All Sunset zones in the Klamath-Trinity

Chilling Requirement:

100-400 hours



Height & Width:

Can be grown on fence, trellis or overhead arbor

Yield When Mature:

30 LB per vine

Years to First Fruit:


Life Expectancy:

Up to 100 years