Farm & Garden Calendars

Farming and gardening are all about timing.  To get the best results, we need to plan our activities to align with the cycles of the soil and seasons around us.  It's possible to grow food year round on the mid Klamath, but only when we time it right.  Our planting and harvest dates fall in between the cool Northcoast and the hot, dry Central Valley.  Plant your tomatoes too early and you'll lose them to frost, too late and they won't ripen; by the time you notice peach leaf curl in the Spring, you'll realize you should have sprayed in December;  if you start thinking about planting a Fall Garden when it gets chilly, you’re too late. The charts below are reminders of what to do and when, to get the best results from a year round garden! Enjoy!!

Thanks to the USDA for support for these Foodshed webpages,  specifically the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Grant # 2011-49400-30497 and the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture-Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Food Security Grant # 2012-68004-20018.