In coordination with the Karuk Tribe and green-sturgeon-klamath.jpgSalmon River Restoration Council, MKWC has captured never before seen footage of fish in the Klamath River system and created videos on fish identification, habitat use and needs, behavior, and surveying techniques. Videography also includes upslope management and restoration themes including road decommissioning, invasive species management, and prescribed fire.

Click on the below links to see some videos!

Online video is in the WMV format and requires a video viewer such as Windows Media Player which can be downloaded HERE.

Fish ID Video – Features high quality underwater video showing definitive identification traits for salmonid species in the Klamath River system. Also describes proper survey technique.

Shake Your Oncorhyncus – High quality underwater video clips of salmonids, sturgeon, and lamprey in the Klamath River system, set to music that will make you “shake your oncorhyncus”!