Off-Channel Ponds

MKWC has worked with landowners along Seiad and West Grider Creeks to construct six off-channel ponds. Two other ponds were constructed at Camp Creek and Stanshaw Creek. These ponds are crucial rearing habitat for the threatened coho salmon. Coho prefer slow, low-gradient streams and pools. Extensive flood control berms along lower Seiad Creek have disconnected this prime floodplain habitat. These ponds have one connection to the creek and act as a spring fed back eddy. These ponds do not divert any water from the creek, but use creek level groundwater flow to fill. Studies show that ponds may even increase the water table as winter flows get held in the ponds instead of swiftly flowing downstream. The ponds have been dug and the surrounding area has been seeded with grasses, and willows have been planted. We are seeing high numbers of juvenile coho in the off-channel ponds.

Alexander Pond near Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                     After


Potential Durazo Pond Site near Seiad Valley, CA

Potential Pond Site                                                                Nearby Seiad Creek


Stender Pond near Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                    After


May Pond near Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                    After


West Grider Pond near Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                    After


Lower Seiad Pond in Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                     After


Buma-Ludwig Pond near Seiad Valley, CA

Before                                                                                    After