Happy Camp Community Wildfire Protection Plan Maps

Map 1. Happy Camp CWPP Base Map
Map 2. Aerial Imagery of CWPP Planning Area
Map 3. Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP) Planning Area
Map 4. Happy Camp Fire Protection District
Map 5. CWPP Recommended Fuels Reduction Treatments
Map 6. Completed Fuels Reduction Treatments
Map 7. WKRP Fuels Treatment Priority Areas in HC CWPP Area
Map 8. Structures, Water Drafting Sites, Hydrants, and Other Water Sources
Map 9. Fire Ignition History
Map 10. Public Ingress/Egress Routes
Map 11. Solar Radiation Intensity
Map12. Fire History (Names and Years of Wildfires)
Map 13. Fire Return Interval Departure
Map 14. Number of Overlapping Fires
Map 15. Fire Severityf