Fuels Reduction Opportunities

Grant Funded: MKWC’s Fire and Fuels Program (OSBFSC) applies for and receives grant funding to assist landowners in creating or maintaining fire-safe landscapes in and surrounding our community. Funders and partnering agencies have included; US Fish and Wildlife Service, CalFire, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Humboldt County, California Fire Safe Council, the Nature Conservancy, and the Bureau of Land Management. This type of funding is never a given. MKWC staff is almost constantly writing grant proposals in order to continue these valued services.

Certain funding allows us to send a crew onto private properties to implement fire-safe treatments, including brushing, mowing, thinning, and broadcast burning. Often landowners or residents are asked to assist with these efforts as a cost-share. These cost-share activities might be anything from prepping an area for mowing, burning the piles that the crew leaves, and/or participating in a prescribed fire event.

Landowner reimbursement programs such as Fire-adapted Landscapes And Safe Homes (FLASH) are available every other year. Residents and landowners do defensible space or roadside brushing or mowing themselves, and receive a partial rebate for the costs they incur. 

Landowners and community members are welcome to come in to the MKWC office to discuss current opportunities and to get their name in the queue. The order of properties on the list may not be the same as the order in which they are implemented. Prioritization is done based on a variety of factors such as whether the type of project fits a particular grant’s objectives and whether the location of the property makes it beneficial to a larger neighborhood. Projects that have commitments from landowners and other community members also sometimes rank higher.

Mow and Chip/Fee for Service Program: OSBFSC offers a variety of services for hire primarily mowing (tractor mower or DR mower) and chipping. We also offer tools and equipment for community use. Some are loaned for free and some can be rented at reasonable rates.

For more information, contact MKWC in Orleans at 530 627 3202