Creating a Defensible Space

Homes that have proper clearance of flammable materials and vegetation have good defensible space.  The following resources will help identify the most important things you can do to protect your house from fire.


Resources from the National Firewise Program

Firewise Defensible Space Website

The Firewise website is a gateway for information on fire safety.

Firewise Defensible Space Tips

Wildfire doesn't have to burn everything in its path. In fact, cleaning your property of debris and maintaining your landscaping are important first steps to helping minimize damage and loss.  A Firewise publication.
HowtoHaveaFirewiseHome_Firewise.pdf  A two page graphic reminding homeowners about fire preparedness and defensible space.  A Firewise Publication.
USDA Fire Science Research 
Looking for more in depth information on defensible space?  Read the Jack Cohen papers on preventing home loss disasters during wildfire, and review his post-fire examinations of home destruction.


Resources from CALFIRE

Ready For  Visit the CALFIRE website "Ready for Wildfire" for tips on creating defensible space.
Hardening Your Home  This section of the CALFIRE website gives homeowners advice on protecting their structures from wildfire.
DefensibleSpaceChecklist_Calfire.pdf  A quick checklist from CALFIRE for maintaining defensible space around your home.
DefensibleSpaceBrochure_CalFire.pdf  A defensible space brochure from CALFIRE. 


Additional Resources for Creating Defensible Space

CreatingWildfireDefensibleZones_COSF.pdf Protecting your Home from Wildfire: A publication by the Colorado State Forest Service which is relevant to Northern California.
 wildfire_defensiblespace_NewMexicoSU.pdf  Creating Wildfire Defensible Zones: A publication by New Mexico State Forestry applicable to homes in wooded areas of Northern California.

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