Introduction to MKWC Programs

The Mid Klamath Watershed Council has been actively planning, coordinating and implementing restoration projects in the Mid Klamath subbasin since 2001. Our programs in the Middle Klamath Subbasin include Watershed Education, Plants, Fire and Fuels, Roads, Fisheries, and Wildlife.

The Foodsheds Program ended in 2017, but the many useful worksheets and tutorials generated by that program can still be found on our website. 

Focusing on projects that directly benefit our anadromous fisheries resource, we utilize grant funding combined with community and stakeholder volunteers to implement practical, hands-on restoration projects while educating participants on restoration techniques and stewardship principles.

MKWC is involved in a variety of projects related to river restoration and watershed education. These activities provide a way for community members to become involved with their watershed through direct participation.  Projects are funded by state, federal, county, tribal, foundation and private grants and donations.