Our annual event helps raise funds for the diverse programs and services we offer to the communities of the Mid Klamath. The dinner will be held at the Panamnik Building, a community center that serves as a home to our office, located in the heart of downtown Orleans. The Panamnik Community Building Project is an effort to repair and remodel the Panamnik Building and the downtown property it sits on. The building - formerly a grocery store - is used for local non-profits, youth programs, community events, small business and an interpretive center. Half of the profits from the banquet and auction will go to benefit the Panamnik Community Building Project and half to other MKWC programs involved with watershed restoration. Support from your business could help MKWC, and the rural community it serves, further develop our restoration and community revitalization programs by donating an item of your choice to our banquet or auction.  Any type of donation that could be used for this event would be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible. If you are interested in donating or have any questions concerning our organization please contact the Mid Klamath Watershed Council at (530) 627-3202.