What Will Your Klamath Legacy Be? Write Us In!

This female coho found her way to the pond MKWC built up Middle Creek. MKWC Director Will Harling snorkeled the pond in the winter and had this to say after: “Last summer Middle Creek dried up completely, a combination of drought, upslope management actions (logging and a century of fire suppression), and domestic diversions. This coho spawning in Middle Creek then coming into the pond to die is a thoughtful gesture to its offspring who will benefit from the added food and nutrients from its carcass when they come in next spring.”        

 What will you leave behind?  

White Gums 2.jpgYour LegacyCohophoto 5.jpg

Think like a fish. Or a fire. Or a plant. 

You can help future generations do just that by writing MKWC into your will. Your choice to dedicate some or all of the assets you leave behind to sustain MKWC work will help the organization thrive through thick and thin to restore our watershed together.

Legacy giving can be simple, and it’s a way to ensure that your vision for a healthy Klamath River becomes a reality. You can give a specific sum or percentage gift, a residual gift of what remains after other expenses are paid, or a contingent gift in case another beneficiary doesn’t survive.

Your financial advisor, attorney or accountant can walk you through the steps you need to take and help you draft the correct language for your bequest. Humboldt Area Foundation also offers these services for those wishing to plan a gift to North Coast charities. Naming opportunities are available for interested donors. Please contact Erica Terence at MKWC for more information or assistance at erica@mkwc.org or (530)627-3202.