The Panamnik Building Capital Campaign 

Vintage Panamnik building construction photoThe Panamnik Building still houses the local post office and volunteer fire department, as well as our office headquarters and a bustling community center. The building provides a venue for monthly community dinners, playgroups for young children, exercise and yoga classes, and distribution of county services such as food and books. The space also serves as an information distribution center during wildfires and an incident command center during our annual Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (TREX) events. And the building offers a needed space for local agencies and NGOs to hold meetings, workshops and trainings.

Constructed in the 1950s, the Panamnik Building was partly underwater during the 1964 Flood, and has had some wear over time. We have worked to maintain and improve the function of the building as resources have allowed, and laid the groundwork for some future projects. The latest vital fix has been our roof, which we hired a local contractor to repair this summer after years of moving buckets around to catch leaks as they sprung up. To finish the new roof, we used money we raised and saved, plus took out a loan. Now, we’re forging ahead with the third and final phase of the project. MKWC has secured permits and contracted several architects (one of them pro-bono) to develop the design for these renovations.

Camp Creek Fish Passage with Watershed Ed KidsPanamnik Building Future

The third phase of the project is the most exciting, including an outdoor amphitheater between the building and the Klamath River, multiple community-led art installations, a modernized facility including a new and better-equipped kitchen and upgraded bathrooms. The renovated space will also include more spacious and higher-functioning MKWC offices. The third phase also includes native plant landscaping and innovative demonstrations of sustainable practices such as renewable energy production, water conservation and permaculture.  

Here’s How You Can Help!

We’ve leveraged and stretched our resources as far as we can to get this far—we’ve invested more than $500,000 in this project already so far.

And we’ve made some major improvements. The place is transformed from what it was. Many local people have invested countless hours and diverse expertise in this project. Now, we need your help to get to the finish line by 2025. Specifically, we need to raise $530,816.55 to complete the Panamnik Building renovation our community envisions and better meet the needs of local communities. So much happens here every day of the year—from launching field work and outdoor education to feeding and training people and building common ground on issues that have historically divided our communities.  Your support will help build a better future for our community and the land that feeds it.

Consider supporting the project in one of these ways:

1) Give a donation—any amount helps, but big donations are more efficient and help us secure other donations and generate momentum. Got an extra $100, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 to help move us forward? Let us know and we’ll honor your generosity publicly and permanently in our newly renovated space, or not, as you wish.  Naming opportunities are available for those who want them.

2) Make an in-kind donation of materials, supplies, labor or expertise! This goes a long ways! Get in touch with MKWC  Development Director Erica ( or 517-6047) and we’ll coordinate according to abilities and needs.

3) Tell your friends and family about our project, and help put us in touch with other people who might like to own a piece of this project. We’re stronger together!  Below you can download a short brochure about the project to share with others.