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A Celebration of Mid Klamath Wildflowers

Posted by admin on April 30, 2021

From the riparian valleys to the high elevation forests, the Klamath Mountains are a biodiversity hotspot. Due to the unique geology and soil composition of the region, the mountains are home to several endemic or near-endemic plant species.

Spring in the Klamath Mountains is a celebration of flowers, capturing the magic of the region in beautiful blooms, glossy leaves, and powdery catkins. These plants provide crucial ecosystem resources, like nectar for pollinators and food for foraging, while also preventing erosion and improving soil health and water quality.

To protect the important diversity of plants in the Mid Klamath, the MKWC Plants Crew removes priority invasive plants before they can get a foothold and outcompete the native plants. Removal is done by hand and tool, and never by chemical, which can be harmful to the flora and fauna, as well as water quality. In addition to invasive plant removal, the Plants Crew collects native plant seed to spread in areas after a disturbance.

People of all ages can participate in invasive plant removal and native seed collection. It’s a  great way to get outside, get some exercise, and gain a better understanding of the importance and diversity of plants around us. Please join us for a workday! Follow us on Facebook to be in the loop.

For even more inspiration, we invite you to check out our Mid Klamath wildflower slideshow below. Test your wildflower knowledge by guessing the plant before the name appears on the screen!