Mid-Klamath Watershed Council Staff 


             WillWill.jpg Harling - Director, Fisheries Program Co-Director, Fire and Fuels Program Co- Director


"I work closely with partner organizations, scientists, land managers, and landowners, to ensure MKWC plans and implements restoration projects that are supported by science and the community. My work as co-director of the Fire and Fuels and Fisheries Program allows me to stay connected with the realities of work on the ground, but strong leadership from Charles and Nancy within these programs allows time so I can also contribute to regional fire and fisheries forums through products like the recent documentary on prescribed burning in Northern California." 

Luna.jpgLuna Latimer - Director


“I assist program directors with development of their programs and funding for those programs. I communicate with the Board of Directors to ensure they have proper oversight of the organization and that we are fulfilling our mission. I oversee the creation of policies and procedures, the bookkeeping department, and, by default, I am the technical support for computer and network issues.”

Charles.jpgCharles Wickman - Fisheries Program Co-Director


jillienne headshot2.jpgJillienne Bishop
-Watershed Education Program Director, Fisheries Project Coordinator  




Mark.jpgMark DuPont - FoodSheds Program Director




Michael Stearns - Panamnik Building Program DirectorMichael.jpg


 “I coordinate the Panamnik Building by managing finances and payments, planning and implementing building and property repairs and improvements, working with Fundraising
Coordinator on events, coordinating with other staff on support of all programs and their uses of the PB, and some sundry bookkeeping duties such as MKWC's retirement plan.”

Nancy.jpgNancy Bailey – Fire and Fuels Program Co-Director, Native Plants Program Co-Director


 “As part of Fire and Fuels I coordinate planning and implementation of brushing projects on private property in the area. The objectives are wildlife habitat restoration, creating a fire-safe community, and preparing areas for broadcast burns, as we move toward our vision of returning historic fire regimes to the landscape. The MKWC’s Roads Program, still in its infancy, will continue to grow as funding is secured for roads assessments and projects to implement road restoration, aimed at reducing and protecting against excessive sediment delivery into our streams and rivers. As director of the Native Plant Program, I coordinate summertime seed collecting for restoration projects and facilitate MKWC involvement in the collaborative “Karuk Native Plant Demonstration Garden” which is located behind the clinic in Orleans.”

Ramona.jpgRamona Taylor – FoodSheds Program Co-Director



Tanya.JPGTanya Chapple - Invasive Weeds Management Program Director, Native Plants Program Co-Director





Carol Earnest - Watershed Education Program DirectorCarol Earnest.JPG


"I coordinate watershed education field trips and restoration/monitoring projects, including salmon spawner surveys, fish passage work days, brush bundling, and tree planting. I also design and implement curriculum for  3rd-8th grade students on environmental topics related to the Klamath River Watershed."




Project Coordinators

Chris.jpgChris Root - Fire and Fuels Controlled Burning Coordinator


“As the PC I do landowner coordination, install hoselays, construct fire lines, and conduct controlled burns to reduce surface fuels on private property in Orleans and Somes Bar.  I am also on the brushing crew which mechanically reduces fuels up to 10 inches in diameter to reduce surface fuel, canopy density, and prepare areas for use of controlled fire. As a MWKC staff member I work seasonally with the youth internship program, Klamath Siskiyou Outdoor School, and I work on the weeds/invasive plants crew.”


Erica Terence.JPGErica Terence -  Outreach and Development Program Director



Grant.jpgGrant Gilkison - FoodSheds Outreach Coordinator




Jennifer Silviera - Fisheries Project Coordinator

Jimmy.jpgJimmy Peterson
 - Fisheries Project Coordinator




 IMG_3368.JPGLaurel Peña - FoodSheds Outreach Coordinator: Happy Camp



Mike Hentz.JPG

Michael Max Hentz - Fire and Fuels and Fisheries Project Coordinator


"I work in Fisheries Restoration and Forest Ecology, live with my wife Serena up Elk Creek and graduated from Humboldt State University, B.S. Natural Resources. "


Mitzi.jpgMitzi George Wickman - Fisheries Project Coordinator, GIS Specialist


“I assist in the design and implementation of fisheries restoration projects as well as conduct fish, water quality, and topographic surveys. I also create maps for these surveys using ArcGIS.”



Amanda M. Rudolph - Administrative Assistant



Blythe Reis - Grants and Contracts Administrator



Heather.jpgHeather Campbell - Administrative Coordinator and Grants Administrator


“I assist program directors and coordinators in all programs and ensure the smooth running of the office. Among other things I engage in fieldwork, project coordination and assistance, book keeping, and office management.”


Jacquelyn Robinson - Administrator


Myanna.jpgMyanna Nielsen – Administrator



Field Technicians and Program Assistants


Aja Conrad - Invasive Weeds Field Technician
Andre Rogiers - Equipment Operator
Bebe Alcantar - Invasive Weeds Field Technician
Brock Luedtke - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Dylan Sullivan - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Eric Nelson - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Erin Cadwell - Fire and Fuels Field Technician, Computer Specialist
Gary Strouss - Equipment Operator
Heather Rickard - Invasive Weeds Field Technician
Jared Wilder - Fire and Fuels and Fisheries Field Technician
Jimmy Shea - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Joey Polmateer - Fisheries Field Technician
Kristopher Nelson - Fisheries Field Technician
Lena Neuner - Fisheries Field Technician
Leslie Laird - Office Assistant 
Logan Frantz - Watershed Education/Invasive Weeds, Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Margaret Zee - Fisheries Field and Data Technician
Meghan Noland - Office Assistant
Michael Kein - Watershed Education, Klamath Siskiyou Outdoor School
Nick Hillman - Fire and Fuels Equipment Operator
Pam Ward - Panamnik Building Custodian and Recycling Coordinator
Priscella Kinney - FoodSheds Program Assistant
Rachel Krasner - Fisheries Field Technician
Rebecca Lawrence - Watershed Education, Klamath Siskiyou Outdoor School

Rita Keating - Panamnik Building Program Assistant
"I help Michael organizing and improving the Panamnik Building. I manage the building calendar and also help with event planning and coordination." 

Rudy Galindo - Fire and Fuels and Weeds Field Technician
Ryan Hogan - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Sinead Talley - Fisheries Field Technician
Shan Davis - FIre and Fuels Field Technician
Skip Lowry - Fire and Fuels Field Technician, Building Maintenance
Tai Kim - Fisheries Field Technician
Travis Gayle - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Walt Thom - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Woody Watson - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Wyatt McBroom - Fire and Fuels Field Technician
Zea Robbi - Fisheries Field Technician

Interpretive Center Intern

Courtney Brooks

2014 Stewardship Interns

Alyssa Algiers
Antonio Escalderon
Galen Stevens
Geena Talley
Jonathan Markin
Lewis Olson
Maya Mollier
Nia Rogers
Tamara Alexander (Driver)